19.08.16 - New compilation is out



Welcome new Frozen Ocean compilation named "A Faded Missive Therefrom" that consists previously officially unreleased material.

CDr in 4 panel gatefold designed by A-Drone and Cold Graves limited to 48 handnumbered copies is released by Operator Produkzion.

Get one here




26.02.16 - New album is out



New Frozen Ocean atmospheric metal EP "The Prowess Of Dormition" is released today via Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings.


Thanks to everyone who waited and gave a damn.




Have a digital copy


Have a CD


Thanks again and see you soon!




28.12.15 - Frozen Ocean 10th Anniversary

Goeden dag,


Anniversary should be a reason for celebration every time, but today we have very special date. It is ten years since Frozen Ocean was founded - on 28 December 2005 I finished its first song called "Waltz Under The Falling Snow". It seems to be utter shit in regards of production, and I hope you will never hear it, but the die was cast.

So much time passed, so much is done, and so much more is to be done. From the bottom of the heart I would like to thank all those people who was with me for all these ten years, listened to Frozen Ocean music, supported and appreciated it. Your interest helped to make it real.
Moreover, for this wonderful day I prepared a surprise for you. I honestly did not like and do not like very much the idea of making Frozen Ocean merch, but the cause was strong.

So I present you "Algid Peaks Geometry", the very first official Frozen Ocean T-shirt, devoted to 10th anniversary of the project. An item of ultimate quality, printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton base; with front print by Horth Sick and back print by Cold Graves, it is the best way to keep in mind that Frozen Ocean history is been making now.

It is strictly limited to 25 copies, and next FO merch will appear (if it ever appears) after another ten years. 

Get it at Bandcamp.

New Year and all next years will surely bring new experience, so keep in touch and take care.



10.10.15 - Frozen Ocean is signed



It is an honour to announce that Frozen Ocean have signed release deal with Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings, a novel and prospective British label. Things were settled via mediation of Imperative PR.


First release following this contract will be new atmospheric metal EP named "The Prowess Of Dormition".

Equipped with astounding artwork made by Divine Chaos Art, this EP will be out in January 2016.


Here is the teaser of it:


Please feel free to pre-order, it will be very helpful.




14.09.15 - Long term management contract



Frozen Ocean is really proud to declare that from now it is under sage and experienced commandment of Imperative PR management.





01.08.15 - A revived old release is published



we all remember that something new is exactly something old yet forgotten.

And EP humbly named "7" was definitely unclaimed and forgotten, so I remixed and remastered it.

It is now named "Syv" and has a new cover and track titles to distinguish it from old version.

This awesome cover was made by Horth.

This release is not new one, thus it is not a part of official discography.

You can listen and download it for free on Bandcamp.




08.07.15 - "Prills Of Remembrance" CD release is out now



"Prills Of Remembrance" is now on CD!

Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies in super jewel case (DVD-sized) with brilliant artwork by Al.Ex of Mayhem Project, these CDs are available to purchase via Haarbn Productions

Go forth and order (prices include shipping)!




10.06.15 - "Prills Of Remembrance" CD release is coming soon

Guten tag,


Some of you have already listened last Frozen Ocean album.

And now - we will have it in physical incarnation provided by Haarbn Productions.

It will be released on CD a DVD jewel case limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, with awesome artwork made by Al.Ex of Mayhem Project.

Keep in touch. And listen the album if you did not.




14.01.15 - Frozen Ocean's complete discography is available on Bandcamp

Guten tag,

Well then, I decided to make a present for all those who still give a damn. Now Frozen Ocean has a Bandcamp page, and there you can enjoy streaming and FREE download of COMPLETE FO's discography. Just press "Buy Now" and type 0 (means "zero") in a price field - and get the demanded album for free.
Discography is complete (excepting compilations of all kind) and available in several formats including lossless ones (!), choose whatever you like.
Sure, you can type not 0 but any sum and support the project, and I assure you that any support will be highly appreciated.
Now go get them!



05.01.15 - New epic song is online



New Year has come (hope not on yer faces), so Frozen Ocean has a congratulation.

This is an old song composed in 2007 and re-recorded today, and it is devoted to all those who consider the metal side of FO as the best one.


Happy New Year then.




12.10.14 - "Norse" compilation is out now



today we have a new and simultaneously old FO release: the whole "Norse" trilogy - "Likegyldig Raseri", "Vanviddsanger" and "Natt Over Meg" on one tape!



It is released by Italian label Bylec-Tum Productions for only die-hard tape maniacs of underground. 

Pro-dubbed cassette limited to 333 copies with outstanding artwork by Al.Ex from Mayhem Project.


Go ahead and have it.




21.06.14 - New full-length is out now



Some good news for now.


A new Frozen Ocean's full-length album named "Weighing Form" is released yesterday by Operator Produkzion.



It is a conceptual work devoted to procedure of gravimetrical analysis in analytic chemistry, and it is expressed in Drone/Noise Ambient style.

Since it is far enough from any metal music, the release is strictly limited to 48 copies; CDr in black and white envelope with insert.


If you feel close to that kind of stuff or just aren't afraid of atmospheric noisy ambient, go here and listen.





06.05.14 - Reviews



today we already have some good reviews on newest work "The Dyson Swarm".


Here they are:






Six (!!!)














03.03.14 - "The Dyson Swarm" is out

Hello everybody,

Great news!

New Frozen Ocean full-length album "The Dyson Swarm" is out today, at March 3rd, 2014 on Kristallblut Records.

Album is available directly on here (from me) and of course on label.

Album teaser on YouTube is for your acquaintance

Here it is:


Also all album is available for stream listening on project's Soundcloud page (in preview quality, without remastering).


Support the artist - buy the authentic CD! 100 first copies come with free A2 poster!



01.02.14 - And reviews



here we go with the reviews on "Natt Over Meg" and the first shot is from Mr. Pete Woods from Ave Noctum!

The second one was given by mighty Shawn Miller of Metal Observer.

A poem that deserves to be written by ancient scald is presented by Isawald.


Also we got a past reclaimed by Kulturterrorismus Zine - a review on "A Perfect Solitude".



30.01.14 - Frozen Ocean's shop on BigCartel



Some of Frozen Ocean CDs are now available to buy on project's BigCartel shop.

Just an option for those who have this convenient.


Best regards,


09.11.13 - New album "Natt Over Meg" is out now!

Guten Tag,


the new Frozen Ocean album "Natt Over Meg" is out now on Obscure Abhorrence Productions.


The third and the last part of crushing "Norse" trilogy devoted to the dawn of Norwegian black metal scene, "Night Over Me" is an homage to the personalities of Fenriz and Nocturno Culto, and the legacy of DARKTHRONE.

Official press release says:


Final chapter of the "Norse" Trilogy, "Natt Over Meg" is devoted to mighty DARKTHRONE and expressed the same crust influenced black metal with a bit stronger touch of punk. Straight-out and nonchalant primitive aggression, able to crumble the ice armour of northern seas with a single strike, alternates with sorrowful and quaintly melodic slow digressions that freeze all feelings for a short while and obduce the listener with dormant beauty of Norwegian nature tempered the black rebel souls of still invincible Fenriz and Nocturno Culto. 16 terse anthems full of night coldness; 34 long minutes full of tempered hate; 0 vain doubts and reminiscences to fashionable metal of nowadays.

and it is nothing to add here.

The album is released as CD in jewel case ltd to 500 copies with gorgeous and breathtaking artwork made by Cold Graves Art.

It is available to listen on Soundcloud page.

Do not hesitate to check, dance and order.


Sincerely selfish,


22.08.13 - "The Dyson Swarm" album official announce



great news has come.


Newest Frozen Ocean's album that was recorded this year will be released soon.

An epic space narration about close and outer space and humanity's place in it, "The Dyson Swarm" is expressed in electronic ambient dark metal style, pretty melodic and though experimental.

"The Dyson Swarm" will be released by German label Kristallblut Records at the beginning of 2014.

The CD will be packed in 6-panel digipack limited to 500 copies.

Astounding artwork for the release was made by Phlegeton of Wormed.

Don't hesitate to ask for!


Take care,


21.08.13 - Reviews again


It is a pleasure to present some new reviews on recent releases today, and I hope there is much more to come.


Here they are 

On "Autumn Bridges":

- by Marcello Ferrau from Mondo Metal Webzine (Italian)

- by Dark Emperor from Infernal Masquerade Webzine (English)

- by Kraehenblut from Unholy Black Art of Ritual (German)

- by Tobias G. from Empyre Mag (German)

- by Mr. Pete Woods from Ave Noctum (English)

- by outstanding and astounding isawald (Russian)

- by Zeroumus on rateyourmusic.com (English)

- by Darrell Carey from Sorrow Eternal (English)


On "Vanviddsanger":

- by isawald (Russian) - totally awesome review, almost a poem

- by The Pit of the Damned (Italian)

- by Mr. Pete Woods from Ave Noctum (English) - precize as an arrow shot

- by Erin Allen from The Metal Review (English)

- by Dark Emperor from Infernal Masquerade Webzine (English)

- by Tobias G. from Empyre Mag (German)

- by Raf from Kulturterrorismus Zine (German)


On "Trollvinter":

- by Raf from Kulturterrorismus Zine (German)

- by maeror3 (Russian) - a very thorough analysis 

- by isawald (Russian) - a deep sight into the essence

- by Mr. Pete Woods from Ave Noctum (English) - a wonderful comprehension

- by Dark Emperor from Infernal Masquerade Webzine (English)

- by Bob Stoner from The Pit of the Damned (Italian)


Also some words about the past stuff:

- a view on "A Perfect Solitude" from Xenoglossy on Dark World (Russian)

- and third journey into "Aokigahara" by Dark Emperor from Infernal Masquerade Webzine (English)

- another passage through "Aokigahara" by isawald (Russian)

- an ultimate drowning into "Aokigahara" by Mr. Pete Woods (English)

- a comprehensive imagination of "Sensus Veris" split album by Mr. Pete Woods (English)

- another great observation of Mr. Woods for "Steamworks: Hibernation" (English)

- a brilliant (I have no other words) review on "And Hoarfrost Blooms Henceforth" by Mr. Pete Woods from Ave Noctum (English)

- recently found  obscure opinion on "And Hoarfrost Blooms Henceforth" - Sudhir from Metal Life (English)

- such one on "7" by DJFrankie on Musicmeter.nl (Dutch)

- the new FO's album observation by Kai Mathias Stalhammar (Russian)

- "A Perfect Solitude" review by Dark Emperor from Infernal Masquerade Webzine (English) 

- "A Perfect Solitude" review by Erin Allen from The Metal Review (English)

- "A Perfect Solitude" review by Shawn from The Metal Observer (English)


Enjoy then.




13.05.13 - New Split is Out Now

Hello there, everybody!

Frozen Ocean, Petrychor and Wolfsgrimm Records would like to proudly announce a new work of two good projects:

Frozen Ocean/Petrychor - Autumn Bridges

A short split EP full of deep melancholy coloured previously in yellow and gold with touches of red. Pure atmosphere and wishes of season, melodies sing into the silence and yell into the eternity. Post-black metal/post-rock/post-punk/shoegaze in best meaning of these words. 

"Autumn Bridges" is released as CD in jewel case ltd to 300 copies, by mighty Wolfsgrimm Records, at 13 May 2013.

You could look the new preview here:

Brilliant and deep artwork for the split is made by .Darla.

Do not hesitate to order!



04.04.13 - FO in Terrorizer zine



today we have an appearance of Frozen Ocean in Terrorizer zine's Band-of-the-Day column!


Great thanks to Mr. Pete Woods for awesome questions and to Terrorizer Crew for their kindness.



16.03.13 - Some notes

Buenos dias everybody,


I would like to remind that new album "Trollvinter" is available for stream listening on project's official Soundcloud page:



As "Vanviddsanger" does:


And so for "A Perfect Solitude":



Also there is a bunch of reviews upcoming, soon will be linked here.




27.02.13 - New album is out now

New Frozen Ocean album is out now.

It is "Trollvinter", a conceptual release based on Tove Jansson's novel "Moominland Midwinter".

Selfproducted release contains: CD in digipack with booklet in slipcase, limited to 500 copies.

Astounding artwork by Al.Ex. from Mayhem Design.

Release is available via project's e-mail.


21.01.13 - New EP is out now!

Frozen Ocean and Obscure Abhorrence Productions proudly presents


Frozen Ocean - Vanviddsanger


Along with official press release:

A second chapter of Frozen Ocean's conceptual Norse trilogy that is devoted to glorious days and glorious personalities of Norwegian Black Metal. Direct sequel of "Likegyldig Raseri" and direct prequel of "Natt Over Meg". 16 minutes long EP of crust influenced raw black metal (Norsk Svart Punk), cold and hollow as winter mountains, 8 tracks, short and persuasive as knife stab. Dedicated to Kvist.

CD in jewel case ltd to 500 copies.

Here is the preview track on Frozen Ocean's Youtube channel:

Don't be shy, listen and buy!



18.01.13 - Split teaser


We'have published a short teaser to upcoming split release between Petrychor and Frozen Ocean.

Here it is:

Excerpts are:

1. Petrychor - Tomorrow it Will Rain over Bouville

2. Frozen Ocean - To Drown in Hoary Grass

3. Frozen Ocean - Autumn Bridges

Catch the CD in March 2013!



10.01.13 - Reviews

A couple of great new reviews on newest "A Perfect Solitude"!

Here they are:

- by Kraehenblut from Unholy Black Art of Ritual (German)

- by Alex from Metal Reviews (English) NEWEST

- by nilgoun from Threnodies (English) 

- by Francesco Scarzi from The Pit of the Damned (Italian) 

- by Jacopo Fanò "Ahti" from metallized.it (Italian) 

- by Grimmsberg from heavymusic.ru (Russian)

- by Tobias G. from Empyre Mag (German)

- by Isawald (Russian)

- by Pete Woods from Ave Noctum (English)

- by SorrowEternal (English)

And new review on "Likegyldig Raseri" by Isawald and Grimmsberg (Russian)!

Thanks a lot for your time and aprreciation, guys!

24.09.12 - "A Perfect Solitude" distribution

Spectral Halls proudly announces distribution of Frozen Ocean's "A Perfect Solitude" that was released on Wolfsgrimm Records and is now available to buy on their mailorder.

43 minutes of intricate fusion of atmospheric metal and ambient. 43 minutes of pure and bottomless solitude.

Glance digipack with totally breathtaking artwork strictly limited to 300 copies.



23.09.12 - New track is available



New Frozen Ocean song "The Withering Eidolon" is available on Soundcloud!

Totally unexpectable one, I guess.

Do not hesitate to check it!




04.09.12 - untitled

11.08.12 - New Album

Hails to all who was patient enough.

It's time to share, or better to shout the news out.

Frozen Ocean's new album "A Perfect Solitude" is now officially OUT; it is released by means and forces of mighty Wolfsgrimm Records.

It is the most personal release of project, it is dedicated to the most frequent and the most controversial inner state that each of us used to be pleased of and neglect, to enjoy and to fear, to live it and to die of it. Grey skies of mournful clouds, cold breath of empty rooms, waste thoughts and vain regrets, distant visions and everlasting recollections - all these things are imprescriptible attributes of those we are used to picture as being alone.

43 minutes of intricate fusion of atmospheric metal and ambient.

A Perfect Solitude.

Preview track "Somewhere Clouds Debark" is available on Youtube:


and a couple of tracks - on project MySpace Page.



A significant addition to release was done by Alex from Mayhem Design, who can also be truly proud of his artwork for album.

This addition is A Perfect Solitude WallPaper Pack and it consists of 11 just astounding, breathtaking pictures that have to be placed on your desktop. 

You can see them on album's chapter on Discography page.

Look, they are totally fucking awesome.



Thank you for attention, buy this CD. It is worth.



21.05.12 - New 3-album review set

Hi, guise.

By the will and merely great talent of Pete Woods from Ave Noctum we have here a complete review digest for "Vestigial Existence", "Oneiric in Geocentricism" and "Likegyldig Raseri".

There are just awesome pieces of beautiful text which describe the essence of each album with almost perfect accuracy.

Do not hesitate to read There and therefore listen Here.

(And therefore Buy here) =)



14.04.12 - Massive listening permission

Ahoj, guyse.

I decided to be closer to you and then let you listen every released Frozen Ocean material you would like.

Almost all official albums and EPs (except split with Divinum Opus Sedare Dolorem) are available to listen on Soundcloud.

Here is the general link to go, and direct links to each album are added respectively to their articles in Discography section.

Hope you'll enjoy this.


24.03.12 - Reviews

A number of great new reviews are published:

- On "Likegyldig Raseri" by The Pit of the Damned (NEWEST)

- On "Oneiric in Geocentricism" by Isawald (NEWEST)

- On "Vestigial Existence" by Dr. Markus Ganzherrlich (rockmetalbands.com)

- On "Vestigial Existence" by The Pit of the Damned 

- On "Vestigial Existence" by maeror3

- On "Likegyldig Raseri" by Lords of Metal

- On "Oneiric in Geocentricism" by Dr. Markus Ganzherrlich (rockmetalbands.com)

- On "7" by Pagan Dreams Webzine

- On "Steamworks: Hibernation" by maeror3

Great thanks to them all!

Direct links to reviews are available in Discography.

09.03.12 - Split advice is closed

(Picture is not cover and made for attention attraction; no use of it will be done)


The partner to further split is found - a wonderful, majestic american one man project Petrychor.

Tad is recording his part of split now, as well as I am making the sound of my part perfect.

The whole thing will be ready and released at the end of the Summer 2012.


25.11.11 - New Album Announce

Frozen Ocean's new album "A Perfect Solitude", expressed in mixture of dark ambient and ambient black metal, will be released at Spring 2012 by German label Wolfsgrimm Records.

01.10.11 - Likegyldig Raseri

Frozen Ocean's fourth full-length album "Likegyldig Raseri" co-released by Deleting Soul Records and Suffering Jesus Productions is now available to order on SJP. Earlier it was available only on Nihil Art and some Russian distros.

13.09.11 - Site is on air

All the earlier news - on Myspace